How to install the Occurrence Name/Description Feature

A new feature is being beta-tested in HandsOn Connect that allows you to give each occurrence of a volunteer opportunity its own name and description.

This can be helpful if you have a date and time specific volunteer opportunity that will be subdivided into a variety of 'roles' or 'shifts'.

For example:  You have a Volunteer Opportunity called "Picnic in the Park" and want to list three occurrences (shifts) the same day (but at different times), for Check-in Station, Lunch Distribution, and Valet Parking.

This article describes how to configure HandsOn Connect to enable this new feature.

The next article in this chapter, describes how to use the feature to add Occurrence Names and Descriptions to a volunteer opportunity.

Open a help center ticket and Request to be added to the beta

This new feature is only available by request until we have finished the beta testing period.  Please open a ticket in zendesk and request "Please add us to the Occurrence Name and Description Beta."   We'll let you know when the new fields you'll need for this feature have been added to your instance of Salesforce.

NOTE:  By default, the two new fields that will be added to your instance will also be available to all partners in the sharing portal.  If you prefer to ONLY have this feature available on the Salesforce back end — please request "Do not make this feature available to partners in the sharing portal".

Give profiles permission to read and edit two new fields in the occurrence record

Go to Setup / Profiles and give both the System Administrator and Staff Profiles permission to view and edit two new fields in the Occurrence object:

  • Occurrence Description
  • Occurrence Name


Add these fields to the Occurrence page layout in use by your profiles

In this example, I've added a new 'section' to the page layout labeled "Optional Occurrence Name and Description".   This makes it clearer for users that the use of an occurrence name and description is strictly optional.  I've then added the two new fields to this section.

If you frequently will be adding names and descriptions to occurrences, you may want to add the field "Occurrence Name" to the related list for occurrences in the Volunteer Opportunity Object.

Edit the Volunteer Opportunity page layout, asnd add the field "Occurrence Name" to the Occurrences related list:

You are now ready to start adding occurrence names and descriptions to one or more occurrences of a volunteer opportunity. See this article for details.


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