How to Change Your System Administrator

If you have a staffing change at your organization and have a new staff person taking over as your system administrator, there are several places in your HandsOn Connect system that you will need to make changes so the new system administrator is getting all of the notices they should and the system continues to operate as it should.  Please review the steps below to make all of the needed changes to reflect your new staffing.

The first thing you should do when changing System Administrators is to let the HandsOn Connect Team know you are changing System Administrators and giving them the name and contact information for the new System Administrator.  

Also the new System Administrator should create an account for themselves in ZenDesk.

User Changes

If your new system administrator is new to Salesforce, you will need to add them as a user.  

To do that go to Setup/Administration Setup/Manage Users and 1) click on Users, 2) then click on New User.  

Create the new user by entering their email address which will become their username.

Give them a User License of Salesforce, and then their Role should be CEO, and their profile "System Administrator"

Be sure to save the record and check the box "Generate New Password and notify user immediately".

Next you will need to update the system emails to use the new System Administrator

Go through all the email settings described in the chapter in this manual, Managing and Updating Special Email Addresses used by HandsOn Connect

For each setting, you will need to remove the departing system administrator and use your new system administrator user account.

Once all email addresses have been updated, you can deactivate the old system administrator account

Go to Setup / Administration Setup / Users and click on the user account for the departing system administrator.  Uncheck the checkbox marked active, and save the record.

NOTE:  You will be unable to deactivate a system administrator if they are still being used for any of the special email addressed used by the system. (See step above)

NOTE:  If the System Administrator is also the Partner Approval Manager, Opportunity Approval Manager, and/or Volunteer Leader Approval Manager, you will need to make additional changes before deactivating this user.  See the posts that follow in this chapter for updating those organizational roles.

Note:  If the user is being used by any email alerts in the system, you will be notified that you cannot yet deactivate the user.

Note:  If the user is being used by any email alerts in the system, you will be notified that you cannot yet deactivate the user.

Clicking on the email alert link will take you to a list of all the email alerts.  You'll have to check each one and insure that this user is not the sender or a recipient.

Here we tried to deactivate Davis Kirby - and found he was

If the user is used as a named user in any email alerts, you'll need to change these as well, before you can successfully deactivate the user account.

Note: Be sure that at least one person on your staff is given the profile of system administrator before you deactivate the original system administrator.

Note: You should avoid having more than two system administrators in your system.


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