(Optional) Making changes to navigation

Because Navigation within the HandsOn Connect application is a matter of personal preference, the default navigation in HandsOn Connect Lightning has only the main objects.  But you can customize the navigation for your users. (and users can customize their own navigation)

(Option 1) Add Tabs for all users via the App manager

Go to Setup / App Manager and select the edit option for the HandsOn Connect Lightning application

Select "Navigation Items" where you'll see the default Tabs that are available for all users:

  • Home
  • Contacts
  • Organizations
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Occurrences
  • Connections
  • Reports

These items can't be removed, changed or reordered,  but you can add additional navigation tabs that will appear for ALL users, by selecting them from Available Items and adding them to the Selected Items.  (For example, you can add "Chatter" or "Volunteer Teams" and "Volunteer Team Members"if you want to make it easy for all your users to access those items.

Note: Items added it this way will not be removable by users, they are now part of the app for anyone using it.

(Option 2) Advise your users to add their own navigation items based on how they use HandsOn Connect.

Lightning makes it easy for individual users to customize the navigation to meet their own style and use case.

To edit the navigation 'tabs' click on the Pencil icon on the right of the navigation.

From this interface you can reorder navigation items (by dragging the 3 lines to the left of the navigation item), and Add Additional Navigation items by clicking on "Add More Items"

There's lots more you can do with Navigation in Lightning:

  • Create 'temporary' tabs
  • Create tabs for list views or individual records.
  • Turn temporary tabs into permanent ones
  • Rename Tabs

For information on working with Lightning Navigation, see this Salesforce Help Article.


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