What to do when a Partner Staff leaves one organization and goes to another

When a staff member at a partner staff leaves their position, and no longer should have access to their partner portal, you need to perform a couple of steps to do this.

Before deactivating this user, make sure they are not the opportunity coordinator for any opportunities or future occurrences

To do this, create a view of all volunteer opportunities where they are the coordinator.

Do the same for all occurrences where they are the coordinator.

Assign someone else to be the Opportunity Coordinator for these opportunities and occurrences so that you don't have volunteers reporting to someone who is no longer with the organization!

NOW that you know this person has no volunteer management responsibilities, you can begin the process of unassociating them with their organization.

Deactivate their portal access for the organization.

Click on 'Change Profile" in the handsON Connect Shortcuts section of their contact, and change their Login Access from "Partner Staff" to "None"

Deactivate their portal access for the organization.

If you want to keep track of their prior relationship to this organization, look at their related organization record in the related lists and click on "View Relationship".  

Uncheck the "Active" box and select a role that describes their prior relationship. (You can customize the roles available to include an item like "Former Employer".  

You can fill out the start date and end date to indicate how many years they worked for that employer.

If they are switching to another organization or becoming a volunteer, change the organization they are associated with:

If they are switching to another organization or becoming a volunteer, change the organization they are associated with

You can change their account to another organization, or leave the organization name blank if they are just going to be a volunteer.  (That will trigger a household to be created for them if you are on the HouseHold Model.  Or assign them to the account "Individual" if you are using the 'bucket account' model.

Once you move them to another Organization - you can grant them partner staff profile for THAT organization if desired.  

If they are no longer going to use system at all, there's no harm in leaving them associated with their original organization -- but you might want to update their title to "Former Volunteer Manager" and uncheck the 'active' box.

If you DO change them to another organization, you may want to make a comment in chatter for that record, explaining when and why they moved from one organization to the other.  You might also want to make a note in the organization record.

If their email address is going to change, update the email address field in the contact record as well.


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