Email Logs in Salesforce

How many times have you had a volunteer tell you they never received a particular email when you're pretty darn sure it was sent?  Ever wished you could check?  Well you can.  Salesforce allows you to run a log of emails sent from the system.  Email logs are CSV files that contain information about all email sent through Salesforce over the last 30 days.  Read on to learn how to run an email log.

Go to Setup/Administration Setup/Monitoring and click on Email Log Files.

Then click on Request an Email log.

You will then specity the start date and time and end date and time for the range you wish to run.  If you are looking to see if a particular contact was sent an email you would put the contact's email address in the next field and finally specify what email address you want to be notified at when the log is ready.  Then click submit request.

When Salesforce has finished running the log you will receive an email at the address you specified in the last step letting you know your log is ready and giving you a link to get to it.

The link will take you to a list of all email logs.  Select the one you created and click on Download.

When you download the CSV file it will look like this.  It contains the date and time the email was sent, an internal message ID, recipient and sender's email addresses, the delivery status of the email and any error codes associated with the email.  You can use the error codes to troubleshoot email issues.


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