Granting HOC Permissions via Permission Sets

The standard profiles for HandsOn Connect users are "System Administrator" and "Staff".   In some instances of Salesforce your HOC users might have a custom profile created by your organization.  In this case, you may not be able to access some of the elements of HandsOn Connect.

In order to have HOC access, if you have a different profile, you can a permission set to that user, which will grant them the appropriate HOC permissions.

There are Four Permissions sets available to system administrators to assign to a Salesforce User:

The Four Permission sets available

  • HOC System Administrator - Grants a user with a full Salesforce license, System Administrator access to HOC
  • HOC Administrator - Grants a user with any other kind of Salesforce license (i.e. Profile), System Adminstrator access to HOC
  • HOC Staff - Grants a user Staff access to HOC. (i.e they do not have permission to delete records or edit email templates, etc.)
  • HOC CMS Administrator - Grants a user access to the HOC CMS.

To assign a Permission Set to a user:

Go to setup / permission sets, and click on the permission set you wish to assign.  Click on Manage Assignments.
Then Click on Add Assignments

Put a checkbox next to the User(s) you wish to assign the permission set to.  And click the Assign button.  (Then Click Done)


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