Diagnosing problems using the HOC Support Reports

When certains kinds of records in your database are missing required fields, it can cause problems in your system such as volunteer opportunities not showing up on your public site when intended, encountering error messages when trying to edit the records and at the most dire breaking your public site. Even though we advise you time and time again not to delete records in your system, we recognize that key data sometimes is deleted by accident. Never fear, we have installed some tools to help you diagnose the problem.

Missing Information Reports

Missing Information Reports

In order for volunteer opportunities and their occurrences to appear on your public website, they cannot be missing any required fields. We have created two reports, Missing Information - VO and Mission Information - Occ to help you diagnose if you have any Volunteer Opportunities or Occurrences which are missing required fields.

Missing Information - Volunteer Opportunity

In the MIssing Information - Volunteer Opportunity report you will see 13 filter criteria at the top. Those are the 13 required fields that if left blank will affect your Volunteer Opportunity appearing on your website. If the report pulls up Volunteer Opportunities missing data you should look to see which of the 13 fields are missing data. You should immediately address any volunteer opportunities which are in active status and are still upcoming. If the volunteer opportunity is in any status other than active or the date has passed it isn't critical that you address it (although for good housekeeping and to help diagnose future problems it is a good practice to take care of those when you get a chance).

As you can see in the example above this volunteer opportunity is missing the Managing Organization and Organization Served (probably as a result of 2 organizations being merged and orphaning this self-reported opportunity). Because this is in inactive status, I don't have to clean it up. Please note self-reported opportunities are unique because none of their fields can be edited so you may find some orphaned self-reported opportunities if you've been de-duping organizations.

Missing Information - Occurrence

Missing Information - Occurrence

In the Missing Information - Occurrence report you will see that there are 6 filter criteria for the required fields in occurrences. If you have occurrences appearing in your report check to see which of the 6 fields are missing and then address them. As with Volunteer Opportunities, if the Status is Active and the Occurrence end date is in the future, you should fix the Occurrence's missing data. If the status is not Active or the date has passed it isn't critical to address it, but for good housekeeping you may want to clean them up. As you can see in the example above, the Occurrences are missing the Volunteer Opportunity. Please note you cannot delete Occurrences which are missing Volunteer Opportunities. If you want to delete them for some reason you will first need to associate them with a Volunteer Opportunity (and it must be one whose dates encompass those of the occurrence) and then you'll be able to delete the occurrence.

It is a good idea to run these reports periodically to make sure your data is complete. If you have active Volunteer Opportunities and/or Occurrences whose end date is in the future, not only will missing data cause the volunteer opportunity and occurrence not to appear on your website, but it can cause other opportunities and occurences to not appear and eventually could break HandsOn Connect until your data is fixed.


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