Changing Your password security settings

We ship HandsOn Connect to you with convenient password policies to make it easy for your users to deal with passwords.  But Salesforce supports VERY strict password settings if desired.

The settings above are how we ship HandsOn Connect to you.

Please note, we recommend you do not change the following:

User passwords expire in:     If you make passwords expire, people will have to regularly reset their passwords.  This will be confusing and annoying to most users.

Enforce password history:   If changed from ' no passwords remembered'  users will be forced to select new passwords when they reset them.  We urge you not to do this, as it means that people will constantly have to be remembering their 'latest password".

However -- ultimately security is up to you.

Please note: If you alter the password policy - please open a ticket in zendesk and alert us to the change.  Our tech support staff uses their own system login to assist in maintaining your site -- and if you set passwords to expire or change -- we'll need to communicate the revised password to the entire support team or there will be significantly slower response time in helping you with support tickets.  Thanks.


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