Enabling Grouped Occurrences

This article details the steps taken by System Admins to enable the Grouped Occurrences.

NOTE: While the ability to group occurrences makes it easier for volunteers to sign up for a series, there are business practices to be considered .  System Admins should only enable these features for trained users.  It is not recommended that you enable this feature for Partner Staff.  If desired you can use permission sets to enable it for designated staff and partner staff users.  (Grouped occurrences cannot be enabled for basic portal partner staff).

To learn more about permission sets, see this Salesforce post

Enabling Profile Access

Grouped Occurrences are already enabled for System Admins, if you are not enabling for any other profile, then continue to the "Adding the Related List to the Volunteer Opportunity Page Layout" section below.  To enable for Staff profile follow these steps.

Go to Setup -> Profiles -> and click on Staff.

It is recommended that you grant Create and Edit access to staff and other profiles.  I you want to allow Staff users to edit grouped occurrences created by other users, then you'll need to either create a sharing rule (see below) or select the Delete and Modify All options for the profile.

Staff should also be granted at least Read access to the Total Occurrences field.  The Total Occurrences is populated through a trigger so Edit access is not needed.

Once you have updated the object and field permissions, click Save.

Repeat for all profiles that you wish to enable the functionality for.

Sharing Settings to allow Staff profile to Modify All Grouped Occurrence Records (only needed if you do not enable Modify All in the profile step above)

Sharing Settings to allow Staff profile to Modify All Grouped Occurrence Records (only needed if you do not enable Modify All in the profile step above)

Go to Setup -> Security Controls -> Sharing Settings

Scroll down to Grouped Occurrence Sharing Rules and click New

Click Save and select OK for the pop-up message.

Granting Permission to the Visualforce Pages

The visualforce page associated with the Grouped Occurrences are already enabled for System Admins.  If you wish to enable them for Staff or other profiles, follow these steps.  

System Admins should go to Setup -> Develop -> Pages.

Locate the Group_Occurrences_Page page.

Click on Security next to Group_Occurrences_Page

Select the Available Profile desired and add them to the Enabled Profiles column.

Click Save.

Go to Setup -> Create -> Objects -> select Volunteer Opportunity.

On the Volunteer Opportunity Detail Page, scroll down to the page layouts related list and select the desired page layout and click Edit, for our example we will use Staff Occurrence Layout v3.

After adding the related list to the page, click on the wrench to modify the columns displayed.

Repeat for any additional page layouts as desired.

Note: If you are not going to enable the "Grouped Occurrence" functionality for Staff, we recommend you clone the Staff Page Layout v3 and rename it Admin Page Layout v3 and add the related list to that page layout and assign the layout to the System Admin profile.  You can opt to still share the Staff Occurrence Layout v3 between Staff and System Admins, and if you do then Staff users will receive the insufficient privileges message if the feature has not been enabled for them.

Adding Grouped Occurrence field to the Occurrence record

Enabling the Notification Triggers

Enabling the Notification Triggers


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