Grouped Occurrences

The features in this chapter are pretty powerful tools and create multiple connections at once.  So remember "With great powers come great responsibility" and train users how to properly use these features. These features are not enabled by default in HandsOn Connect - but require the System Administrator to enable them.  Instructions for enabling these features can be found in the Advanced System Administrators Guide.

Only enable advanced features when you have a specific business need to use these advanced functionalities - and enable them only for profiles that have been trained to use them.  (You can enable them for System Administrators only if desired).

Grouped Occurrences allow users to have volunteers sign up or express interest in a series of occurrences as in one step.  They can only be associated with Date & Time Specific volunteer opportunities and all the occurrences in the group must be associated with a single volunteer opportunity.

The ability to group occurrences can be made available to system admin and staff users.  It is not a feature that can be enabled in the sharing portal.  Click here for details on how to enable grouped occurrences in your instance of HandsOn Connect.

Creating a Grouped Occurrence

Creating a Grouped Occurrence

In Lightning, you'll find it here:

On the Grouped Occurrence page, you have the following options:

1)  Volunteer Opportunity - Will be pre-populated with the name of the opportunity you came from.  

2) Register for All Occurrences? - When checked, volunteers MUST sign up for all the occurrences in the group.  Once the first occurrence has past, then all the other occurrences will be removed from the Opportunity Detail page and no longer allow volunteers to register for the series.  (Note: the occurrences will still appear on the Opportunity Calendar, they are only removed from the opportunity detail page.)

3) Name/Description - This is an optional text field to allow you to define the grouping in case you have multiple grouped occurrences with a single volunteer opportunity.

4) Select Occurrences -  Occurrences can only be part of 1 grouped occurrence series.  The chart that is displayed shows all the occurrences associated with the selected Volunteer Opportunity.  Column headers can be clicked to resort the occurrences based on any of the columns in case you want to group them based on location or opportunity coordinator.

You must select at least 2 occurrences to create a grouped occurrence record.


Once you have selected the Occurrences and other fields, click Save.

Important Note:  Do not group more than 20 occurrences in one group.  A group of more than 20 occurrences may fail to accept signups on the public site due to Salesforce Limitations on the number of actions that can take place in SF at one time.

As a matter of best practices, its unlikely that it makes sense to require a volunteer to sign up for more than 20 occurrences at a time. Their plans are likely to change and then they would have to remove themselves from many of the occurrences they previously signed up for.

Grouped Occurrence Record

Grouped Occurrence Record

Once created the Grouped Occurrence record has a related list of the occurrences in the group.  You can also Edit the grouped occurrence to remove or add occurrences, change the description, or "Register for All Occurrences?" checkbox.

Grouped Occurrences on the Public Site (Register for All Occurrences? = Unchecked)

Grouped Occurrences on the Public Site (Register for All Occurrences? = Unchecked)

Occurrences that are part of a Grouped Occurrence have a NOTE added to the Sign up/ Express Interest box as well as a pop-up message letting the volunteer know that they are registering for a series and all the dates of the series.

When Register for All Occurrences? is unchecked then the same note appears for all the occurrences in the series with the dates that are remaining.

For example in the image above, the series is September 7, 14, 21, and 28.  If a volunteer were to click on the September 21 occurrence to sign up they would be signing up for the 21 & 28, but not the 7 & 14 since those take place prior to the first occurrence of which they were registering and registering for all is not required.

Grouped Occurrences on the Public Site (Register for All Occurrences? = Checked)

Grouped Occurrences on the Public Site (Register for All Occurrences? = Checked)

When Register for All Occurrences? is checked, then volunteers are only able to sign-up for the entire series.  Occurrences that are part of the series, but not the first have a NOTE letting the volunteer that they must sign up for the first occurrence in the series and provides them the date.  A pop-up message also appears in case they don't see the Note.

Be aware that its possible for someone to remove themselves from one or more occurrences after they have been signed up for the entire group.  This creates the following possible concern:

1) If one or more occurrences in the group have available space, then another volunteer will be able to sign up for the entire group (unless you are requiring sign-up for ALL occurrences and the first occurrence date has past).  Signing up for the one occurrence that has space, will still connect the volunteer to all the remaining occurrences in the group, Even if they are full!  The rules you've established for the occurrence group takes precedence OVER the maximum attendance limit.  

2) If you do not wish to exceed the maximum attendance for forthcoming occurrences that are part of the group - you should remove the one occurrence that has available space from the group - so that the one occurrence with available space is the only one a volunteer will be signed up for.  


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