"Express Interest" Connections - confirming or declining volunteers

For date and time specific - sign up opportunities -- a volunteer is automatically confirmed when they sign up.

For date and time specific, express interest opportunities, and Individually Scheduled - Express Interest with Schedule Opportunities - the Opportunity Coordinator will receive an email letting them know that a volunteer has expressed interest in the opportunity, and that they need to confirm the volunteer's connection.  The link in the email will take you directly to the connection record. (Be sure to log in first before clicking on the link!)

The managing organization can view the pending connection in the pending volunteers tab of the connections grid in that record, and email the volunteer directly if they want them to do more before confirming them.  (Example: You might ask them to submit to a background check).

For Individually Scheduled opportunities that are 'express interest only' --  there is no need to need to confirm volunteers. The intent of this opportunity type is just to gather a list of those who are interested.  

Confirming Volunteers

The volunteer coordinator will visit the occurrence record for this volunteer opportunity, and can click on the PENDING VOLUNTEERS tab to see volunteers who have expressed interest but not yet been confirmed

If they want to find out more about a volunteer, you can view their contact record by going to the connections related list to the occurrence - and clicking on the volunteer name.   They can also email the volunteer if they wish to ask questions before confirming.

Check the box of the volunteer you wish to email, and then click on the Email Members button.  (If you wish to email multiple volunteers at once, put a check box next to the name of each connection

To confirm a volunteer's participation in the occurrence put a check box next to the name of the volunteer(s) you wish to confirm, and then click the "Mark Confirmed" button

For Date and Time Specific opportunities the date, start time and end time will already be populated for you.

For Individually Scheduled Opportunities - Express Interest with Schedule, the date, start time and end time(s) the volunteer wishes to schedule themselves for will be filled in for you.

For Individually Scheduled Opportunities - Express Interest Only - you typically don't confirm the volunteers. But if you wish to you must first set a start date and time and end date and time before confirming the volunteer.  

Put a check mark next to the volunteer(s) you wish to confirm for the listed dates, start times and end times, and click the Mark Confirmed Button.

Doing this will move them from the Pending Volunteers Tab, to the Scheduled Volunteers Tab

We've now confirmed Valerie as a volunteer.  Her attendance status is "Please verify" and will remain that way until you mark attendance after the opportunity has taken place.

Back in the pending tab, After contacting Art Trout, we've decided to decline him as a volunteer.  

Back in the pending tab, After contacting Art Trout, we've decided to decline him as a volunteer.  

To do so, check the box next to her name and click the mark Declined button.

Clicking the "Mark Declined" button gives you a list of options, so you can note why the volunteer was declined.  

If a volunteer removes themselves from an opportunity themselves (which they can do in their member account), the connection will appear marked as DECLINED - Removed Themselves.

The declined status of a volunteer will appear in the "Decline Reason" column for easy reference.

After selecting a decline reason, the volunteer will be moved to the Declined Volunteers Tab.



How can I change the status of multiple volunteer applicants?

Larry Deckel

Put a checkbox next to each connection in the grid that you wish to change. Then click either mark confirmed or mark declined. All the connections will be updated at once and moved to the confirmed or declined volunteer tab.

If it's a "to be scheduled" opportunity -- then go to the individual connections in the confirmed grid and be sure to fill in the start time and end time for each connection (there isn't a way to set the time for more than one TBS connection at the same time, since typically each volunteer is scheduled to come at a different time for a TBS opportunity).

For date and time specific opportunities - once you've confirmed them the times will be populated automatically.

Larry Deckel

This same approach (multiple checkboxes) let's you email more than one volunteer at a time.

FYI: If you wish to select ALL the connections on the page, click on the TOP checkbox and all the connections will be selected!

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