Seeing who is waitlisted for an occurrence

When a volunteer joins the waitlist -- they are not sent an email but it does show up in the "Upcoming Opportunities" in their account.

The Opportunity Coordinator is sent an email alerting them that someone has joined the waitlist.  The text of this notification can be edited in the email template "Notification of Volunteer Wait List"

The Volunteer's View of their waitlisted connection

The Volunteer's View of their waitlisted connection

Valerie can see she is on the waitlist for the 6/31/11 occurrence of Art Mentors.  She has the option of removing herself from the waitlist if she decides she won't want to join if space becomes available.

The Opportunity Coordinator's view of waitlisted connections

Waitlisted volunteers appear in the Waitlisted Volunteers tab of the connections grid in the occurrence record.

You can administratively move someone from the waitlist to confirmed status by selecting their record (Left checkbox) and then clicking the "Mark Confirmed" button.  This will move them to the confirmed volunteers tab.

Volunteers who are notified when space becomes available, who then signup for the opportunity, have their connections automatically updated from waitlisted to confirmed.


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