Understanding the Volunteer Opportunity Overview

The Volunteer Opportunity Overview gives you a 'dashboard' view of the status of the Opportunity and whether or not its been published.  

Volunteer Opportunity Overview dashboard

Volunteer Opportunity Overview dashboard
  1. Opportunity Created tells us the basic characteristics of the opportunity have been successfully defined. (The checkmark to the left of each item tells us if its been done or not)
  2. Occurrence Created - tells us that the opportunity has at least one occurrence defined.  (Occurrences are what show up for sign-up on the public site. An opportunity without at least one occurrence will not appear on the public site).
  3. Recurrence Created - tells us if there is a recurring pattern of occurrences that has been created in association with this opportunity
  4. Total Active Occurrences - tells us the total number of occurrences that are in Active Status
  5. Opportunity Description - Because this is unchecked, we know that the opportunity description, which much be created using the WYSIWYG editor before an opportunity can be published, is not yet created.
  6. Opportunity Characteristics -- a few are always defined by the opportunity wizard - but there are more you can add to improve search and track national and local metrics.
  7. Opportunity Published - tells us whether or not the opportunity is published on the public site.  The fact that the status is 'pending' here tells us it is not yet published, and there is a link to publish the opportunity.
  8. Verifications Complete / Total Verifications Due - tells us whether there are any outstanding verifications of service for occurrences now in the past.

Overview Dashboard for an Individually Scheduled Opportunity

Overview Dashboard for an Individually Scheduled Opportunity

For Individually Scheduled opportunities, there are links to "View Scheduler" and "Create Multiple Connections".  

For more info on viewing and editing the scheduler for Individually Scheduled Opportunity with schedules, click here.

For more info on Creating Multiple Connections, click here.

Individually scheduled Opportunities do nor have options to create new occurrences or recurrences -- because only one occurrence exists for these opportunity types


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