Self-Reported Volunteer Opportunities for organizations not already in your database (new, potential partners)

When a volunteer self-reports an opportunity on the public site, for an organization that is not an 'active partner' of your organization -- it creates a self-reported volunteer connection, and triggers an email to be sent to the contact they designate with that organization - encouraging them to contact you and become a partner.

The following email is sent to the contact self-reported by the volunteer:

The following email is sent to the contact self-reported by the volunteer:

A New Connection is created with the organization served noted as "individual"

The easiest way to find these connections is through a view in the Volunteer Opportunity Object called:  "Self Reported Volunteer Hrs(Outside Org)

You can see there is only Volunteer Opportunity that is named Self-Reported Volunteer Hours and associated with the managing organization Individual.




The connection grid in this occurrence record has all the self-reported connections not associated with one of your active partner organizations

You can verify the connections in the usual way, by putting in a check mark and marking the connection as "Attended (and hours verified"

However, you can't see much detail about these self-reported connections in the grid :-(  

If you want to see the opportunity name, name of the organization, etc... you'll need to click on the Connection Related List and drill down to the individual connection records.  It may be easier to verify attendance here.    (For the most part - unless you are reaching out to these organizations that aren't partners of yours - you won't be able to verify these connections for volunteers anyway.   But if you DO hear from the organization and wish to verify these self-reported opportunities - you can do so in this manner!)

The connection record for a self-reported connection with a 'new' organization not in your database looks like this.

Here you can see additional information not available on the connection grid itself:

  • The name of the Volunteer Opportunity submitted by the volunteer
  • The self-reported impact area
  • The "Organization Served" as reported by the user   (not the "existing organization" is blank because they do not exist in their database.  However, if they DO exist in your database, you can update this record through the lookup field "Existing Organization" - to connect them to an organization you add to the system.
  • Contact info for this self-reported organization.

Only System Admins and Partner Staff can access and verify these self-reported connections.

The business process by which you would or wouldn't verify self-reported hours with non-partner organizations is up to you!  But this presents an opportunity for you to reach out to the organization contact and try to bring them in as a partner organization!


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