Prerequisite Opportunities

A Prerequisite Opportunity is one that a volunteer is REQUIRED to sign up for in order to signup or express interest for another opportunity.  (Example: You require volunteers for a painting project to also attend the prerequisite 'painting training' opportunity.  They will be unable to sign up for the opportunity unless they also signup or express interest in the training OR have attended that prerequisite in the past.  

When a volunteer signs up or expresses interest in an opportunity that has a prerequisite, they will be also automatically be directed to signup or express interest in an occurrence the prerequisite opportunity. 

NOTE:  A prerequisite opportunity must be date and time specific and have at least one occurrence available that takes place before the opportunity that requires the prerequisite. An  Individually Scheduled Opportunity cannot be used as a prerequisite.

NOTE:  Because of the complexities of team signups, prerequisites are not compatible with the team signup process.  If an opportunity requires a prerequisite, and a volunteer signs up as part of a team, they will NOT be automatically redirected to signup for the prerequisite opportunity as well.  We recommend that you turn off team signup for any occurrences that are part of a volunteer opportunity that requires a prerequisite.  See this link to enable the functionality to "turn off team" if it is not present in your occurrence records.   Alternately - you can monitor when a team captain makes a connection - and contact them, telling them they need to sign up each team member for the prerequisite opportunity as well.

Creating a Prerequisite

Creating a Prerequisite

On the Prerequiste page, you have the following options:

1) Prerequisite Volunteer Opportunity - Use the lookup to search for the Volunteer Opportunity that you would like to require as the prerequisite.

2) Volunteer Opportunity - This will be pre-populated with the volunteer opportunity you were on when you clicked on the Add Prerequisite button.

Once you have selected the Prerequisite Volunteer Opportunity, click Save.

Prerequisites on the Public Site

When a volunteer clicks sign up or express interest and the volunteer opportunity has a prerequisite associated with it, the volunteer will be taken to the Volunteer Opportunity Questions, if any, and then automatically taken to the Prerequisite Detail Page to sign up or express interest in the prerequisite.

The prerequisite page displays all the available occurrences.  If a volunteer tries to select an prerequisite occurrence for a date & time which takes place after the occurrence they initially signed up for they will be presented with a pop-up to select an earlier occurrence.

If the Volunteer already has a connection associated with the Prerequisite Volunteer Opportunity in Status = Confirmed or Pending Approval, and the Attendance Status is NOT equal to "Not Attended," "Canceled," or "Declined" then the prerequisite page will NOT appear since the volunteer has already made arrangements to complete the prerequisite.

NOTE:  If the prerequisite volunteer opportunity does not have any upcoming dates or dates that occur prior to the occurrences of the related volunteer opportunities, a volunteer will not be able to complete their registration for either the volunteer opportunity or prerequisite volunteer opportunity. So make sure that someone is monitoring the prerequisite volunteer opportunity to ensure that it has an adequate supply of occurrences for the volunteers.

Prerequisites in the Contact Record

Prerequisites in the Contact Record

If the PrerequisitesRelated visualforce page has been added to the page layout, then users can view the prerequisites that a contact has made a connection to and confirm as needed.


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