The Answers Report

A Volunteer Opportunity that has custom questions associated with it prompts the volunteers to "answer" those questions when they sign up for an occurrence.

You can easily see the answers the volunteers gave to questions by clicking on the "Run Answers Report" button in the Occurrence Record.

The answers report gives the answer for HOC Questions associated with that volunteer opportunity and occurrence.  While the functionality to create custom questions still exists in HOC -- the optional Advanced Registration System add-on provides a more robust way of asking additional questions during signup for an occurrence.  This report is needed only for non-ARS users who are using the native HOC question functionality.

Run the report by clicking either the quick-action button (Lightning), or the standard button in Classic.

This pops up a report window with the answers to each question from each volunteer:

This makes it easy for the Opportunity Coordinator to get information from the volunteer regarding any questions posed for this occurrence of this opportunity.


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