(Advanced) Self-Reporting Configuration Options

HandsOn Connect has a number of configurations available for Self-Reporting.   By default, self-reporting is on. But you can request any of the following options to be configured for your site.

There are actually two types of self-reporting features in HandsOn Connect:

1). Self Reporting

2) Self-Reporting Hours on existing opportunities


Self Reporting (and the four options for this feature)

Self reporting takes place on the page /self-reported-hours and looks like this depending on the options you have us configure:

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Option 1:  Self-Reporting Active

Self-Reporting can be Active - or it can be turned off for your site.

If it is turned off, none of the links for self-reporting will be displayed and volunteers will not be able to self-report.

Option 2: Earliest Allowable Date

By default, Volunteers can self-report that they volunteered for ANY date and time prior to NOW.   (You cannot self-report that you've volunteered in the future).

There is an option however where you can limit how far into the past a volunteer can self-report.

The optional settings are:

  • No Limit. (default setting)
  • Past Month only
  • Past 6 months only
  • Past Year only

Option 3: Allow self-reporting to non-partner organizations

HOC allows a volunteer to self-report volunteer time with any of your partners, AND any other organization. (See this article for how reporting to outside organizations is handled).

You have two options here:

  • Allow self-reporting to non-partners (outside organizations)
  • Limit self-reporting to partner organizations and your organization Only.


Option 4:  Allow Regularly Scheduled Connections

If 'allow regularly scheduled connections' is on, then a volunteer can create a recurring series of connections all at once (similar to signing up for multiple connections of an Individually Scheduled Opportunity).  (i.e. "I volunteered at Troutco for the opportunity "Filing Help" on Mondays from Oct 1 - Oct 31 from 2 pm - 5 pm.

If this is not enabled, the volunteers can only report one occurrence at a time.

You have two options:

  • Allow submitting regularly scheduled connections for the same self-reported opportunity.
  • DO not allow a volunteer to submit more than one connection at a time.

(To request a change to your self-reporting configuration - open a help ticket and explain which of the settings above you want added or changed)

Self-Reporting Hours on Existing Opportunities

There is another self-reporting functionality, which allows users to 'report hours' on their Account Overview page for confirmed connections in their volunteer history for connections where the Opportunity Coordinator has not verified their attendance.  When enabled, it allows the user to click on 'report hours" and submit hours which are then treated as unverified hours. When a volunteer reports hours in this way (for an existing opportunity), the Opportunity Coordinator is notified and asked to verify their attendance.  

This link can be enabled or disabled as well.  When requesting that this be enabled or disabled, specify 'enable (or disable) Self Reporting Hours on Existing Opportunities"


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