Additional Options for Volunteer Opportunities

After creating a volunteer opportunity, administrators have access to a number of other options that can be associated with a volunteer opportunity.

The following additional items can be configured for Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Restrictions   (some restrictions, but not all, can be made available in the sharing portal)

Sets parameters on requirements necessary for signing up or expressing interest in a volunteer opportunitty

  • Skills  (Not generally available in the sharing portal)

Skills can be associated with Volunteer Opportunities for search functionality.  Its also possible to make skills required which makes the skill function as a restriction to opportunity signup.

  • Volunteer Events (SF only - not available in sharing portal)

Volunteer Opportunities can be 'grouped' as part of a larger event by associating them with a Volunteer Event. When a volunteer opportunity is part of an event, a special event page is created and the EVENT is listed on the opportunity calendar instead of its individual opportunities.  

  • Private Opportunities (Invitation Codes) (SF only - not available in sharing portal)

Invitation codes can be associated to an opportunity in order to make an opportunity 'private'.  Private opportunities only show up if you enter the invitation code on the search page or on a company's "Business Page"

Note: Invitation codes can optionally be used for a volunteer event (which would include all volunteer opportunities that are part of the event), or at the Occurrence Level (if you only want specific occurrences of a Volunteer Opportunity to require an invitation code.

For information on adding invitation codes to Volunteer Events or Occurrences see Release Notes, October 2019

  • Custom Questions (SF only - not available in sharing portal)

Custom questions allow the capturing of additional information during the opportunity sign-up / express interest process.  Custom questions can be added for Date & Time Specific Opportunities, and Individually Scheduled - Express Interest Only Opportunities.

  • Prerequisites - (SF only - not available in the sharing portal)

Prerequisites allow you to require a volunteer to have attended or to sign up for another volunteer opportunity in order to sign up for an opportunity.  This can be used if you wish to require a training or orientation opportunity to be attended in order to volunteer for an opportunity that requires this training as a prerequisite.

  • Grouped Occurrences - (SF only - not available in the sharing portal).

You can choose to 'group' occurrences of date and time specific opportunities so that signing up for one date of the opportunity automatically signs you up for multiple dates.

Video demonstration of these additional Options

Start viewing this video at 1:08


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