Creating a Skill Rating

Skill Ratings Can be associated with Volunteer Opportunities   (just as they are associated with volunteers who fill out a skill profile on the public site.

They also serve as a restriction to sign-up IF you specify in the Volunteer Opportunity Record that the skills are required.

Note:  If your organization is not using skills on the HOC public site, or has not defined skills, then you can ignore this related list.  Skills are entirely optional for volunteer opportunities.

You can also create a Skill Rating for a Volunteer Opportunity

You can also create a Skill Rating for a Volunteer Opportunity

Click on the New Skill Rating button.

Search for the Skill

Search for the Skill

Use the LookUp Button (1) to find a Skill listed in your system.  (Speak with you system Administrator about adding a skill, if you do not see what you need - they can add additional skills and skill categories)

In the new window, search for the skill.  Use the wildcard to get as many results as possible (2).  We were looking for anything that had "the" in it, so we used *the*.

(You may find it useful to run a report that gives you a listing of all the existing skill names)

Fill out the other required field: Rating

Fill out the other required field: Rating

Since we came from the Opportunity in this case, we are going to leave Contact Blank, and you see that Volunteer Opportunity is auto-populated.  If we came from a Contact, the inverse would be true.

Click Save at the top of the screen and you have created a new Skill Rating for this Opportunity

Skills are just used for search on the public site.  If you wish to REQUIRE a skill as a restriction for signing up for the opportunity, you need to set the field value of "Skilled Volunteer Required" to YES in the volunteer opportunity layout.


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