Other kinds of Virtual Opportunities

The articles in this chapter illustrate one type of virtual volunteer opportunity.  Given that there are many different  ways to participate virtually - you can adapt the information you provide in the opportunity description or ARS forms to meet the requirements and process for other types of virtual opportunities.

Here's some other ideas and resources for your virtual opportunities

Use online conferencing to facilitate virtual opportunities

Web conferencing is a great way to connect volunteers and facilitate on-line mentoring, virtual meetings and planning sessions, or to collaborate remotely.

There are a number of web conferencing applications that are available.  Some are free, some have nonprofit discounts. Here's links to a few resources:

Zoom.us - Free and paid plans.

GotoMeeting - here's a link to their free plan.  They also have paid plans.

Webex - Free and paid plans.

You can include the URL and/or Phone Number for web conferences in either the Opportunity Description, or send a link in an email to volunteers you are engaging in web conferencing activities.


Need help in implementing virtual volunteerism?

If you need help thinking through the best way to create and manage your virtual opportunity ideas, pop into our virtual lab.  We're available each day online to help you find the best solution to your virtual volunteering needs.

Click here to see the schedule, URL and phone numbers for our daily labs.  Our labs themselves are a great example of a virtual opportunity - though we do not require you to sign up or express interest in advance.

See you in lab!

-Your HandsOn Connect Support Team


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