Publishing and Unpublishing an opportunity

After you have created a Volunteer Opportunity using the Volunteer Opportunity Wizard and optionally added detail by adding Opportunity characteristics, metrics and restrictions, you are ready to publish the Volunteer Opportunity

"Publishing" an opportunity makes it active on the public website.  To publish, just click on the "Publish" hyperlink in the Volunteer Opportunity Overview dashboard.   When first publishing an opportunity, it will also automatically publish any occurrences that were created along with it via the Volunteer Opportunity Creation Wizard.

Note: If you do not have the required items 'checked off' in the dashboard - you will not be able to publish.  You CAN publish with only a minimal amount of Opportunity Characteristics populated, but we recommend that you fill out as much of this detail as possible BEFORE publishing the opportunity.

After you click on publish - the status will change to ACTIVE, and the Posting Status will indicate the date the Volunteer Opportunity was approved and published.

NOTE: Clicking on Publish will automatically change the status to active, notify partner organizations that the opportunity has been approved (if partner managed), and change the status of pending occurrences to Active.   (If you just change the "status" field -- the other automations will not take place.  So use the PUBLISH link!

Opportunities appear on the website when it is active, and has at least one active occurrence

Opportunities appear on the website when it is active, and has at least one active occurrence

A published opportunity will show as having a status of  'Active'.  The Posting status will give you additional detail about whether its visible on the public site or not.  (For example, once there are no active occurrences, it may still be active, but won't show up on the public site.

For Individually Scheduled opportunities it will continue to appear on the site until the Opportunity End Date.

For opportunities with date and time specific occurrences, it will only appear when there is a future, active, occurrence.

NOTE:  Be sure that any occurrences or recurrences are themselves in ACTIVE state.  Inactive occurrences will not appear on the site.

Volunteer Opportunity Statuses

Volunteer Opportunity Statuses

A volunteer opportunity should remain in active status if it has ever been published on the website and a connection has been made to it.

Whether or not the Opportunity is visible depends on the status of the occurrences.

An occurrence with an end date greater than TODAY must exist and be in active status -- otherwise the volunteer opportunity will not appear.

See the next post for best practices on managing the status field AFTER you have published the opportunity.


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