Creating a Volunteer event

Creating a Volunteer event

Click on NEW on the Event object homepage and then fill out the following:

1) Give the event a name

2) An event must have a start date and end date

3) Give the event a description.   (Initially you'll enter it in text form only, but you can edit it with HTML text once the record is saved.

Creating a Volunteer event

Updating and Managing the Volunteer Event

Updating and Managing the Volunteer Event

Once saved, you'll see the full Volunteer Event record and its related lists.

To add rich content, images, etc to the opportunity description, click on the "Change Description" link in the Custom Links section.  (In the example above we've already used the editor, and so now the description appears with the underlying html visible).

All Volunteer Opportunities that are associated with the event will appear in the related list "Volunteer Opportunities"


Deanna Berg

We have an annual one day event -- Homeless Connect -- with a large number of opportunities associated with it. Is there a way to copy 2011 and update information for a 2012 record without losing old data? I tried cloning the event, but none of the opportunities and occurrences come with it.

Larry Deckel

We do not recommend cloning, for exactly this reason. It isn't going to clone any related information.

You need to make a new event, and then you could just create new occurrences of the opportunities from 2011 that fit the dates of the event.

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