Self-Reported Volunteer Opportunities & Occurrences for your existing organizations

When a volunteer self-reports a new opportunity with one of your existing partners, a new connection record is created.

The Primary Contact for your partner organization receives an email alerting them that a volunteer has 'submitted hours for verification'.


This email is sent to your partner organization's Primary Contact.

This email is sent to your partner organization's Primary Contact.

Partners logging in to their portal, will find this link takes them directly to the connection record.   (Note, they should log in first)

But let's look at the bigger picture of how this connection is created and its related records.

A Volunteer Opportunity Record called "Self-Reported Volunteer Hours" is automatically created for each Organization in your database

They are all distinguished by:

Status = inactive

Schedule Type = To Be Scheduled

The only thing that tells one of these apart from others in the system, is that the Managing Organization and Organization Served is the name of an Organization in your system.

It's used for the purposes of the connection record created by volunteers when they self-report on the public site, and they specify one of your partner organizations as the organization served.

This record cannot be edited or deleted.

Each of these "Self-Reported Volunteer Hours" Volunteer Opportunities has one unique occurrence associated with it.

This occurrence record has a connections grid, which lists all the self-reported connections

In this case - all self-reported connections where Troutco was the organization served, can be found here, and your staff, or a partner staff for Troutco, can verify attendance in the usual way!

Self-Reported connections that have not yet been verified will show up in the "Attendance Due" tab.

Self-Reported Connection Record View

In the connection record you can see the info the volunteer entered:

  • Volunteer Opportunity Name
  • Impact Area
  • Existing Organization & Organization Served (as entered by the Volunteer from the picklist).
  • Start and End Date and Time and hours served.

The status of these connections appears as Self-Reported and remains so.

If you choose to report attendance at the Connection Level (rather than using the occurrence grid), Just mark the attendance status as Attended (and Hours Verified).

Best Practices for Verifying Self-Reported Volunteer Hours (Partner Staff in the sharing portal)

1) Log into the partner portal:

2). Go to the "Report Attendance" tab - and in the search box type "Self-Reported"



All self-reported connections where attendance has not yet been verified will appear and can be verified in the same manner as verifying any other connections.

Best Practices for Verifying Self-Reported Volunteer Hours (Staff and System Admins)

1) Go to "One Step Attendance Reporting" and type in "Self-Reported" in the Volunteer Opportunity Name field.

2) All self-reported connections will be visible, and you can verify those you wish to.  (This will include both affiliate and partner managed self-reported connections)


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