Form Builder - Using Picklists vs Radio Buttons

The HOC CMS Form Builder allows you to use specific field types to capture different types of data, such as text, numbers, emails, picklists, and files.  

When using a single response picklist, the Form Builder offers two options:  Picklist or Radio Buttons.  Both allow you to display several options that a user can select one as a response.

It is important to understand that the picklist (or "select" as known in HTML) and the radio button behaviors are not equivalent.  Select that one that best matches the user experience you want to provide, the data you want to capture, and any compliance you must meet (e.g., GDPR, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

The HOC Form Builder is designed to integrate with Salesforce.  If you have used the Form Builder, you might have noticed that although the Form Builder does have radio buttons, Salesforce does not.  

The simplest advice we can provide regarding if you should use a picklist or a radio button display is: 

  • When in doubt use a picklist.
  • If your form is tightly tied to Salesforce, use a picklist. 
  • If the question does not require a response, you might want to use a picklist.  Radio buttons do not support easily a "no response" response.  By definition, a radio button has one option selected always.  If the question is not marked as required, then by definition you may have three possible responses, which with radio buttons may be difficult to manage:  
    • No response: the does explicitly select an option response
    • Explicit no response: the user selects an option you provide of "none", "n/a" or "prefer not to respond"
    • Selected response: the user selects one "actual" options

Compliance with GDPR

Radio buttons are not the best option since they are not friendly to allowing the user to opt-out from responding.  If you need to comply with GDPR, we recommend:

  1. Use a picklist
  2. Use radio buttons with a "none" option and make it the default (in Salesforce if option values are coming from Salesforce)


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