Sample Form: Online Orientation Completion Form

Here are the elements of a form that could be placed on the final page of an 'online orientation'.   This form would, when the user clicked on the submit button, update their contact record by putting a true checkmark in the field "Orientation Completed" and set the value of "Orientation Completed Date" to the date the volunteer clicked on the submit button.

A page with this form could be created as the last page in one or more 'online orientation' pages you create -- and could be used to update the contact record so the volunteer could subsequentally sign up for any volunteer opportunities that have the restriction "Orientation Required" as a requirement.

Form Configuration

Give the form a name, set its configuration as shown here:

There will be four fields added to the form. Here are the field details

1. Description Field:

This is whatever description you want to have on the form about what they are agreeing to by submitting it.

2. Checkbox Field:  This field will be mapped to the Salesforce Form - Orientation Completed

3. Hidden field - this field will not be visible in the form, but will use the token s:currentDateTime to determine the current time, and then will populate this value to the contact record field "Orientation Completed Date"

4.  A submit button

Advanced Option:  Specify the page you wish the form to appear on.

Click on Save Form and your form is ready to use!

How the Saved Form will appear on the page:

If you are not logged in the form will not be visible:

If you are logged in, you can use and submit the form.


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