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How to upload Images for use in the Featured Opportunity Block and Search Results Block

Using images in the Featured Opportunity and Search results Blocks is still a BETA feature in HandsOn Connect.   You can use images - but they aren't particularly easy at the current time to upload so that you can enable images for this block.

There are currently two ways to set the image that appears in the featured opportunity block:

METHOD 1:  Upload the image via the sharing portal

Images that are uploaded through the sharing portal, are automatically associated with the volunteer opportunity.

To do this:  Login as a contact for the organization that is managing the Volunteer Opportunity.

In the example below, I want to add images to volunteer opportunities that are managed by Troutco.  So I "Log in as this contact" for a contact for Troutco that has partner staff profile granted:

Go to the volunteer opportunity(s) that you wish to add an image to, and click on Edit:

Upload the image through the "Image" field in the opportunity detail. The recommended size of the image is 350 x 350.   A square image is best to use to avoid distortion.    (The image can be larger than 350 x 350, but the larger it is, the longer it may take to load)


Doing this will automatically populate the custom field(s) in the Volunteer Opportunity Object - "Image URL Thumbnail" (as well as the hidden field "Image URL" which may be used in upcoming features.

This is the best way to add images -- as the URLs are automatically populated for you.

Method 2:  Upload images in the CMS and manually populate the URL

1. Go to your CMS and go to the menu Content / Pages and click the + sign to create a new page.  

2. In the WYSIWYG editor, click on the insert Image icon to open up the Image Properties window, and click on the Browse Server button.

3.  From here you can upload a new image, or select an image that is already uploaded.  (If you upload an image, first upload it, and then click on it in the list of images available:   For images to be used in the featured opportunity block, they should be square, and with a recommended size of 350 x 350.   (They can be larger, but not too much larger or they will take too long to load).

4. Then click on the CHOOSE button

5.  Copy the URL that will now be shown in the Image Properties box.

6.  While you're here.  Upload as many images as you may want to make available to different volunteer opportunties, and keep track of the URLs for the various volunteer opportunities you want to add images to.

There is no need to save the new page that we're using strictly for the purposes of uploading images.   So you can cancel out of this 'new page' once you have captured the URL(s) for images you want to use.

Go to the volunteer opportunity you wish to use one of your uploaded images for, and paste the URL into the Volunteer Opportunity field "Thumbnail Image URL"  

Given that it can be time consuming to set images for each and every volunteer opportunity, you may also want to set default images to automatically be populated, so that every opportunity in your block has an image.   See this article on how to set default images for Featured Opportunity and Search Results Blocks


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