AddOns Overview

AddOns are modules that can be added to your HandsOn Connect instance to extend its features.  Some are free and others are paid.   For example, you may want to add the ability to capture a donation or provide a branded subsite to a community or corporate partner. 

Some AddOns appear in your CMS under the Addon menu item, while others are integrated into a specific section of HOC or accessed via Salesforce.

Some of the HOC AddOns we offer are:

  • Form Builder (free)
  • URL Redirects (free)
  • Google Analytics Integration (Free)
  • Check-in/out Kiosk (paid)
  • Advanced Registration and Sign-up (paid)
  • Parental Consent (requires the Advanced Registration and Sign-up)
  • Background Checks (requires an account with Verified Volunteers + support fee)
  • Donations (requires an account with a payment processor such as Click & Pledge + support fee)
  • SMS Messaging (requires an account with an SMS message service such as MogliSMS + support fee)

We also offer to install and support add-ons (apps) for Salesforce, usually as a paid service, such as:

  • Nonprofit Success Pack
  • Conga
  • Spanning Backup
  • Mass email apps such a Constant Contact or MailChimp
  • Click & Pledge or other donation apps
  • Just about any app you see in the Salesforce AppExchange!


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