RSS (Integrating a WordPress blog on your home page)

Blogs are an easier way to quickly publish news items.  To make it easy to publish your latest news on the home page, HandsOn Connect offers an integration for blogs on the WordPress platform.

If you don't have a WordPress blog - create one!

In the blocks menu, choose "RSS" and choose "Add RSS Block"

You can also edit a block if you already have one listed  (in this case "Latest News" is an existing block which we can choose to edit.

Block Settings

1. Name:  The internal name by which you want your block to be called

2. Region: Where do you want the block displayed?

3. Title:  The title for block that you can make visible as part of the published block

4. Feed URL:   The Word Press Feed Link is the link to the RSS feed you have set up for your blog.  It usually looks like this:    but there are other kinds of feeds that you might enable and link with slightly different URLs.     Important:  You must add a trailing / after the URL.     (NOTE: if your blog feed ends in then you must use https:// at the start of your URL.  having the "s" in the https:// is important because of wordpress security settings.

5. Display:  How many items do you want to display on the page. It will display the most recent posts.

6. Advanced Settings ..   as in all blocks, do you want to display the title?  Enable the block to make it active,  what pages do you want to display the block on.

the URL "/"  means 'root' and is the home page of the site.


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