Parental Consent (unverified) Module

The Parental Consent (unverified) Module is part of the Advanced Registration & Sign-up Module (ARS), which is a paid add-on module licensed on an annual basis.  If you are interested, please contact our support team for pricing and activation.

Note:  The Parental Consent (unverified) Module is being replaced as of October 1, 2020 by an improved functionality that will be available directly through the ARS.  Anyone using the current Parental Consent Module will be able to continue using it, but it will no longer be available as an add-on to additional customers after that date, and no future updates will be done to the older module.

There are several ways to incorporate Parental Consent in your HOC instance, including using the Unverified Parental Consent module or add-on.   This module adds a workflow to the Volunteer Registration where if a volunteer is under a set age (using the registration birthdate) the system:

  1. Requests that the volunteer enter an email for their parent or legal guardian
  2. When the volunteer completes their registration, the system:
    1. Let's them know that their account and ability to sign-up for a project is pending parental consent.
    2. Sends an email to the email address provided for the parent requesting approval of the volunteer's account.  The email directs them to a webpage that allows them to approve or not the request.
    3. The parent approves (or not) the volunteer is sent an email informing them.  If approved, the volunteer can now sign-up for an opportunity.

You can configure:

  • The minimum age for parental consent
  • The email copy that goes to the parent with the consent request
  • The email copy that goes to the volunteer if they are approved or not

The Parental Consent module is part of the Advanced Registration & Sign-up (ARS) module, which is a paid add-on.  It also requires that the birthdate is asked on the volunteer registration page.

You can also build your own parental consent process using the ARS, the Form Builder and/or Salesforce workflows and emails.

Note that we labeled this module as "unverified" parental consent because of the process itself does not require that the parent or legal guardian verify who they are and their relationship to the volunteer.

If you are looking to use this module for legal compliance, please make sure to consult with your legal counsel.

This consent module basically manages the online-registration for minor volunteers.  When they register, their account is 'locked' so that they cannot sign up for opportunities until consent has been granted.

Once granted, their account is unlocked and they are able to sign up for opportunities, subject to the age requirements for each volunteer opportunity.


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