Working with your Site Navigation

With multiple-page sites, a navigation menu at the top of every page helps visitors find their way around. If you have lots of pages, add submenus.

To start

Click on Menus

Select Main Menu

Select Menu Item Settings

Creating New Menu Item

To add a navigation/menu links, click Create New Menu Item,

  1. Menu Page: Enter a Menu Name in the blank field
  2. Page: Select an existing page to create a Submenu Item, or create a new page by selecting the Create New Page
  3. URL: Please note by selecting an exiting page the URL: field will get populated automatically
  4. Parent menu: Select the Root lavel where you like your page to be under
  5. Order: Enter the order number you want your page to appear in the navigation menu
  6. Visible to: Select who can view this page
  7. SAVE MENU ITEM: Click Save Menu Item to save your entries


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