Related Objects Simplification

When working with Listing Blocks or Forms we have simplified the naming convention of related objects by adding (relation) or (r) at the end of the field name.

(relation) is used in Forms when the Include Related Objects setting is checked.

(r) is used in Listing Blocks to show Related Objects based on lookup fields.

Simplifying how Related Objects are identified and used makes it easier to utilize Listing Blocks.

Listing Blocks display data on the public site from Salesforce List Views. List views can only have a maximum of 15 fields. With our Related Object simplification you do not need to included the ID of Related Objects in the List View. This allows you to use the 15 field requirement for other important fields that can be used to show data on the public site.

Use Case Example: An organization has multiple sites. Each site should only see applications that are assigned to their site.

To solve for this use case we will create a Listing Block using the Custom Application Object. To ensure the site supervisor can only see their site's application we will add a filter using the Organization Name ID (r) field since this is a lookup field on Applications.

A lookup field is a field on one object like Applications that links to another object like Organization. Each Organization would represent a site and the (r) stands for Related Object.

This clear identification of Related Objects makes it easier to know what can be used in filters and allows more flexibility when creating Listing Blocks.


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