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Tracking the performance of your site has never been easier. With HandsOn Connect you can use Google Analytics natively to track all your Web site stats.

Sign up for an account at Google Analytics.

Sign up for an account at Google Analytics.

If you have not already done so for other websites you manage, visit and set up an Account.    They will walk you through the process.

Add a new profile in Google Analytics and enter the domain or full URL for the site you want to track.

They will ask you the main page of the URL you are tracking.  If you are doing this before GOLIVE, you may be using a temporary URL for your public site.  Once you go live, you can always go back in and create a new Website to follow by creating a new Profile with your 'live" URL.  When you finish this process, Google Analytics will give you a  code that you have to put in your website on every page.

Copy the Web Property ID

Copy the Web Property ID

The Web property ID starts with the letters UA followed by your account and profile numbers. For example, UA-9049246-2.

Google also has a newer tag type which begins with GA4.

HandsOn Connect provides you with a way to automatically embed either UA or GA4 tags to your public site.

In the CMS choose Sitewide Settings from the Add-On Menu

Insert the Web Property ID into the "Google Analytics Tracking Code" field in the control panel

Add your google analytics code to the sitewide setting by typing in the coded tag google supplied:


Paste your code (for example) UA-9049246-2 in the form, and click Save Settings.

In 24 hours your site statistics will start to show up when you log into your google analytics account.

You can learn more about using google analytics from the extensive help pages that are part of Google Analytics



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