Using the Featured Opportunity Block

The Featured Opportunity Block is an advanced block that is still under development.  It's available by request as a pilot for those who want to experiment with its use. Not all functionality in the block may be available in all public site templates, and the rendering of certain configurations may or may not be suitable for your template yet.  We will continue to improve the ease of use and visual rendering of the block throughout its pilot.

The purpose of the Featured Opportunity Block is to provide an attractive way of showing selected volunteer opportunities that you want to feature.  The feature could be put on the home page - or on any pages in the CMS.   You can create multiple featured opportunity blocks to feature different collections of opportunities.  This potentially makes it possible to display 'custom searches' of opportunities each in its own block.  The possible uses are endless!

How to use Featured Opportunity Block (video)

This video, part of the HandsOn Connect University series - demonstrates the Featured Opportunity Block and shows its basic workings.   (The video also discusses the Listing Block, which is a separate block.  But you can get all the info on how to use and configure the Featured Opportunity Block from a 10 minute segment in the video).

Start viewing this video at the 1 minute mark 1:00.   The Info on how to use the Featured Opportunity Block starts at 1:00 and ends at 11:27.      (Total viewing time = 10:27)

Clicking on the "Show Additional Button" checkbox in the General Settings for the block will reveal additional settings:

  1. What text do you want your button to show?
  2. Do you want to display as a Button or a simple Link?
  3. What URL do you want the button to take the user to when pushed?

We are using a custom filter to select the opportunities.  

We've set it to slider mode, and said to show up to 20 opportunities, 2 at a time.  

We're displaying title, short description, location, date and time, and have added a button to take us to the search page where they can see ALL opportunities.    

Here's how this block will appear.

At the current time we do not recommend using the 'add images' option in the featured opportunity block.  This feature is still under development and may or may not produce satisfactory results in your template.

If however you want to try using images - see THIS ARTICLE on how to upload images to use in the featured opportunity block.

We plan to improve the ability to manage images and use them in the featured opportunity block in the near future. But feel free to enable images and see how they work in your template. If they do not appear satisfactorily for you - please open a support ticket and give us the details so we can work to improve the image functionality in your instance of HandsOn Connect.


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