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The Volunteer Registration System Form determines which fields are visible when a volunteer registers on the public site.   It also allows you to edit the text that appears on that page if desired.

These fields correspond with fields in the contact record - so that filling them in will create content in the contact record.

Best practices are to limit the number of fields to just info you really want to know, so that registration isn't overwhelming.   You can choose to make fields visible (or not visible), set default values in some cases (if its not visible), and whether or not a field is required.   (The more fields you require, the longer it takes to complete a registration form -- so less is usually more when it comes to this page.

This form handles just the standard registration page.  The Advanced Registration System (ARS) add-on to HandsOn Connect makes it possible for you to additional additional custom fields and workflows to the registration process.

How the volunteer registration page looks if you have every field visible

Choosing which fields to display on The Volunteer Registration Page

To choose which fields to display, and which to require on the page, in the CMS go to BLOCKS / SYSTEM FORMS / VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION

There you will see all the available fields.  You can set which ones you want to have visible, which you want to require, and set Default Values for fields like "Home Country" that might be a waste of Volunteer's time filling in if everyone is going to be in the United States!

Use the sliders to indicate which fields you do and don't want to display, require, or to set default values:

(Scroll to see all the fields and set them as desired)

See information later in this article for info on some special considerations regarding the minimum age field, and the Main Phone Type field:

Text that you can edit on the Registration Page:

HandsOn Connect supplies default text that will meet most organization's needs -- however if you wish to edit displayed text you can do so in the second half of this system form.   Here is the text you can optionally edit:

1. Age Requirement Explanation:  

This text appears if a volunteer doesn't meet the minimum age you've set for volunteers to register on the site.  By default, its always set to age 13 to comply with Federal Requirements (COPPA) preventing anyone under the age of 13 from entering personal information on a website.

Here's the default text that appears:

If you change the default age (because you don't allow volunteers under the age of 18 for example, you can edit the Age requirement explanation to explain why you have that age policy.  (NOTE: U.S. sites should not change the minimum age below 13 without consulting their legal counsel, as this would put you in violation of COPPA Federal Law.)

If you wish to change the minimum age for registering on the site, also update the field "Minimum age allowed to register" in this form.  The default value is 13 in compliance with COPPA.

2. Intro Text - allows you replace the default text appearing at the top left of the form if desired.

3. Submit Text - This is the text that appears at the bottom of the page indicating that your accept the sites and conditions and linking to your terms and conditions page content.   You can edit this text and link it to other content if you prefer.

To display the default for these three sections of text on the page -- leave these fields blank in the Form.

Working with Phone requirements

The field labeled Main Phone Type (SF: Primary Phone?) displays on the public site as "Main Phone" and is mapped in the contact record to the more technical and less user friendly field labeled "Primary Phone?"   It has four picklist values ("Home Phone, Work Phone, Mobile Phone, and Other Phone") that correspond with the four phone fields you can choose to display and/or require.

You have several options here depending on which phone number(s) you want the volunteer to populate:

1) If you only wish to make one phone number visible (and/or required) - then you should probably not make "Main Phone Type" visible on the public site. You can then set the default value for the field "Primary Phone?" to whatever phone type you are asking for on the public site.

2) You can choose to not display "Main Phone Type" and display several phone number options, which you can make visible and/or required as desired.  (This however may mean you do not have a value for your default "Main Phone Type".

3) Smart Phone Requirement setting:  If you make the field "Main Phone Type" visible AND required -- you should make the other phone types visible, and the system will require whichever phone type they select as "Main Phone Type" to be required.  (i.e. if they say their main phone type is "Mobile" then they will be required to fill in a mobile phone number!   This ensures that at least one phone type will be required, and that it will correspond to the selected Main Phone Type.   (This will then appear in reports and records as the volunteer's "Primary Phone".    Neat!

On the public site it will look like this.  Once a main phone type is selected - the corresponding phone will appear as required!   If you change the main phone type - then the new main phone type will be required!

What if I don't want to display all four phone types?

To simplify registration, you might not want to gather so many phone numbers. You might want to only ask for Home Phone and/or Mobile Phone.  

In order to "Require" main phone type - but limit the phone types visible - you'll need to edit the picklist values in the Salesforce field "Primary Phone?".  Whatever values appear in this SF picklist, will update the public site field "Main Phone Type"


Let's say you don't wish to display "Other Phone" as an option or a field in the registration form.  We first need to update the picklist values in the field "Primary Phone?" in Salesforce Go to Setup / Object Manager / Contact / Fields & Relationships.   (In classic, you get there through setup).

Click on the field "Primary Phone?" and you'll see the four picklist values Home, Business, Mobile, Other.   CLick on "Deactivate" for any field you no longer wish to use as a choice.

Once you do this - you can go back into the CMS - and make that field hidden, and the Main Phone field required.  The picklist will now only list the three active values in the Salesforce picklist.

Before deactivating one of the picklist values, make sure you do not have it visible or required in the CMS.  

When you deactivate one of the phone types - allow 15 minutes or so before then requiring that "Main Phone Type" is visible and required in the System Form. The SF changes have to synch with the CMS and while sometimes it happens very quickly, it can take up to an hour before you see the change in the CMS.

Don't forget to also update the system page "Personal Information"

The Personal Information page allows a volunteer to update any of the data they entered during registration.  You should make sure that you configure the personal information page to have much the same settings as your Registration Page.  (You may choose to display fewer fields in the Registration Page (to make registration qjuicker), and display more in the Personal Information Page (so they can fill it in later).   But make sure your requirements on the personal info page match the ones you've put on the Registration Page.


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