Button Block

A button block allows you to easily create a button in the CMS and set the URL you are sent to if you click the button.

Select Button Block from the Block Menu and create a new button block.

Define the parameters for your button.

  1. Specify the text you wish to appear in your button.
  2. Set the URL you wish the user to go to when they click the button
  3. Do you want the button to open the page directly (_parent), or in a new tab? (_Blank)
  4. How do you want the button aligned.
  5. You can choose to present a button, or just a plain link. (Note: The button is automatically set to match the style and color of other buttons in your site theme).
  6. Use the advanced settings to specify which page(s) you want the button to appear on, and in what order relative to other blocks or content on the page.

What the button looks like on your page

You can edit the button by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the block.

Alternative Method: Using the HTML Block

If you are comfortable with HTML and inline CSS, you can also use an HTML Block to add your Social Media icons and links.  This will give you more flexibility and customizability.


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