ARS Branch Logic for Opportunity Signup by individuals / teams

One of the features of the ARS is the ability to create branch logic in its workflows.  This article describes branch logic that is available for ARS workflows related to opportunity signup.  This logic allows you to define separate pathways in an ARS flow for Team Captain signup vs Individual Signup.

Here's how it works:

At any page in the workflow, (or as may often be the case, starting with the SIGNUP page...  you can set branch logic to "Type of Signup"

Then use 'is equal to' and choose whether the branching is for Individual Signups, Teams Signups, or Both.

(Note:  You do not have to select 'both' if you don't want to for internal clarity.  If no signup criteria is selected, the workflow will proceed to the same next item in the workflow for both team and individual signup.

Then set the page to go to for Individual SIgnup, and set a branch logic for the page to go to for Team Signup.

This allows you to create a simple workflow that looks like this:

1)  In the team workflow -- any form questions that are asked, are asked only to the team captain (and can be populated on the Team Captain connection.  The workflow does not present the same questions for each member of the team separately.

2) The workflow for team captains is presented BEFORE the team captain is asked to select (or create) their team and specify which team members will attend.   That dialog happens AFTER the ARS workflow pages are presented, and before the final success screen.


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