Creating a new Page

With HandsOn Connect 3.0, you can add and publish pages!

Adding a Page

Adding a Pages
  • Select CMS from the menu bar.
  • Select Pages, the first option on the menu bar.
  • Click on CREATE NEW PAGE
  1. Friendly URL: Is a required filed to simplify the search for your page. Example: if you are creating a volunteer page you will type /Volunteer in the Friendly URL: window.

2. Page Name: Add a title to your page.

3. Adding content: You can begin entering text in the box immediately.

Past From Word: Use this feature to copy and paste from a Microsoft Word document into the text box.  

Please paste inside the following box using the keyboard (Ctrl/Cmd+V) and hit OK

SEO Settings:  Meta tags contain keywords or phrases alerting search engines of a website's content to be included in search results for users requesting related information.

4. Click SAVE PAGE.


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