Working with Regions (CMS)

When working with your Public Site, your content (e.g., page copy, images, videos, forms, search results) is structured in pages, which contain one or more regions (e.g., header, main menu, main content, footer), and these contain your content blocks.

A region defines an area of a page where you can place content using blocks via the Content Management System (CMS).  You can place more than one block in a region, assuming the region has enough space to fit them.  

To view the different regions on a page, use the CMS utility bar (black menu bar at the top) option labeled "Regions".  When you click on it, the CMS will highlight the different regions of the page layout you are looking at:

In the screenshot above, you will see that the "Header" region contains three blocks, from left to right: a Header Logo block, a Menu block, and the Login/Logoff block.  The "Slider Section" region has only one block, an Image Slider block.

Click on the "Regions" link again to turn off the region highlights.

You cannot add or edit a region, but our team can help if you need to do this.  Contact us through our support team.


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