Form Redirection

Form Redirection allows you to decide what page a contact will see after submitting a form. With our advanced features in the CMS you can even use logic to send contacts to different pages based on how they answer questions in your form.

  1. In the CMS go to AddOns | Custom Forms | Form Builder
  2. Select an existing form or create a new one

Use Case Example: Using a Volunteer Intake Form a Volunteer Coordinator needs to direct volunteers who are intersted in virtual opportunties to a page displaying all active virtual opportunities.

  1. After adding fields for the Volunteer Intake Form and configuring the form, click Show Advanced Settings.
  2. Set "Will have form redirection" to Yes.
  3. Select the Add Redirection Logic button.
    1. Add your redirect URL
    2. Set your condition to All or Any based on your question(s)
    3. Add in your logic criteria or question

In the image above the Redirection Logic states if a volunteer answered Yes to the question "Are you interested in virtual opportunities" then redirect them to the /virtual-opportunities page.

You can add additional logic by selecting the green Add Additional Logic button.

In the image above we added a second redirection logic if a volunteered answered no to virtual opportunities. If they answered no, the volunteer will be redirected to a page that only shows in-person volunteer opportunities.

The default redirection URL will be your homepage. In the By Default Redirect To field you can use any page on your site or an external one.

In addition, there is an option to simply redirect to the previous page.

Click here for more information about working with forms.


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