Tagging opportunities to use in the Featured Opportunity Block

The Featured Opportunity Block is a power user feature for in the HOC3 CMS.  If the block is not available in your instance, open a help center ticket and request that it be added to your CMS.

This article will show you how to 'tag' individual volunteer opportunities to appear in the Featured Opportunity Block.

One Time Setup for tagging opportunities

1. Add the field "Opportunity Characteristics" to the Volunteer Opportunity Page Layout.

In the Volunteer Opportunity page, if you do not see the picklist "Opportunity Characteristics," go to the Page Layout and add it.

Note:  When this field appears on the page layout - the field label name may appear as "POL Integration Partner".  If so - you can fix this by going to setup / translation workbench / override / and enter the filter criteria shown below.

If a value shows up with a field label override for "Opportunity Characteristics" - just delete the override.  The field will then be labeled "Opportunity Characteristics" as expected.

Note:  The fields "Impact Area (Local)" and "Program Area (Local)" can also be used to tag opportunities. So you have three options for tagging!

2. Go to the Volunteer Opportunity Fields, and add a new picklist value for the field "Opportunity Characteristics".

There is another value in this multi-picklist -- "Verified Volunteer Accepted" .  After you add your cause:featured picklist value - you can delete "verified volunteers accepted" as its no longer being used by the system.

If desired, you can create different tags so that you can quickly change which opportunities are featured based on how they are tagged.  Example:


Note:  In this field, as well as program area (local) and impact area (local) its best to choose unique words for your tags.  Why?  Because if you just put the word 'featured' as a tag -- then when searching on that tag - any volunteer opportunity that had the word 'featured' in it would be found.  By using a unique tag like cause:featured -- you will limit search results to ONLY bring up the opportunities that use your tag!

Designate the Volunteer Opportunities you want to feature:

Go to the volunteer opportunities you wish to 'feature' in the block and add the picklist value of each to your tag cause:featured

(This is a multi-picklist = so more than one tag can be added to an opportunity.  If Verified Volunteers Accepted is a current value - do not change it.  This is handled via automations in the verified volunteers add-on.)

The featured opportunity block can use a number of different criteria to determine which opportunities to display. For example:

  • Most recently posted
  • Upcoming
  • Nearest
  • Issue Area
  • Type of Opportunity
  • Appropriate for

But in this case we want to display the opportunities we've 'tagged'   (which may not match any other criteria).  To do this we select the tag we want to feature using the "Opportunity Characteristics" picklist values in the block.  (You could also do this with impact area (local) or Program area (local).


Note: The Tags you create using Impact Area (Local) and/or Program Area (Local) also are searchable through keyword search in search pages.  Use your keywords to find selectively tagged opportunities, and then SAVE the search results to a saved URL, which you can then use to create links or navigation items that return only your 'tagged' volunteer opportunities.


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