Working with Forms (Videos)

Forms are powerful but can have a steep learning curve. They allow you to get information from users and retrieve that information.  They also can be integrated directly with your Salesforce data to create new records and/or update existing records.

Detailed training and documentation on forms will be added here in the future -- but these two HandsOn Connect University videos can walk you through the basics of using forms.

Introduction to the Form Builder

Form Builder Part 2:



There's a functionality where we can save a form in a 'Local' or 'Global' gallery. So I've tried saving some firms that I felt could be of repeated use to us. However, I can't find any Local or Global Gallery to clone forms from.

Larry Deckel

Shalabh — the 'save form' and gallery feature is not something that is accessible to CMS users. Its a beta feature still under development and only available to the development team. For a brief while, it was accidentally showing up in forms for regular CMS users. This has been corrected.

Rut Kessel

What is an easy way to add lines between questions?

Larry Deckel

The questions are spaced out naturally by the form. If you wanted to add additional space between questions, you could add a 'description' field, and leave it blank. That would occupy a bit of space. Generally speaking however, forms do not allow you to customize the overall look, spacing, layout, etc. They have their own styling.
If you need additional help with a form, please come to one of our daily labs for assistance, and we'll see what can be done.

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