Working with Forms (Videos)

Forms are powerful but can have a steep learning curve. They allow you to get information from users and retrieve that information.  They also can be integrated directly with your Salesforce data to create new records and/or update existing records.

Detailed training and documentation on forms will be added here in the future -- but these two HandsOn Connect University videos can walk you through the basics of using forms.

Introduction to the Form Builder

Form Builder Part 2:



There's a functionality where we can save a form in a 'Local' or 'Global' gallery. So I've tried saving some firms that I felt could be of repeated use to us. However, I can't find any Local or Global Gallery to clone forms from.

Larry Deckel

Shalabh — the 'save form' and gallery feature is not something that is accessible to CMS users. Its a beta feature still under development and only available to the development team. For a brief while, it was accidentally showing up in forms for regular CMS users. This has been corrected.

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