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Attaching Links to Files and Documents in CMS Pages and Volunteer Opportunity Descriptions.

Sometimes you want to make a file  (a .pdf document, a word .doc) accessible on a page that appears in the public site.

This might be on a page you create with links to various documents, or you might want to embed a link in a volunteer opportunity description.

There are two ways to do this each with advantages and disadvantages:

Method 1:  Share a file stored in Salesforce.  
Advantages:  the .pdf or even a word .doc can actually be viewed in the browser. It can also be downloaded.  This is the preferred method.
Also - you can update the file in SF, and the new version of the file will be accessible without changing the link on the public site.
Disadvantage: If your SF instance is an older one, you may have to make a request to SF to activate the public sharing of files.

Method 2: Add a file to the CMS.
Quick and easy to do when creating a page in the CMS.
Disadvantage:  The link to the document will only download the document.  It won't be viewable online.  And some users may not realize they've downloaded the document.

Method 1: Share a file stored in Salesforce

  1. Store your document as a Salesforce "File"   (not a Salesforce 'Document" or attachment.)
  2. Share the document via a "link"
  3. Use the link URL as a hyperlink in your CMS content.

Upload and Share a File

Go to Files, and click on "Upload Files" and upload your .pdf or word .doc

In your Files list, click on the right triangle and choose

Click on "Create Link"

Click on 'Copy Link' to put the URL to the file on your clipboard.

Now use this URL as a link (or menu item) on your public site.  Set the 'target" for the link to "New Window (_blank" (so the viewed document will open in a new tab or page).  (You can also use this URL as a link within an opportunity description page).

This link will now open the document and make it viewable and downloadable if desired, via your public site.

Older instances of Salesforce may not have that functionality enabled by default.

Go to Setup / Files / Content Deliveries and Public Links - and make sure a check mark is next to "Public Links can be enabled for users) (Requires Content Deliveries).

If you don't see the setup option "Content Deliveries and Public Links" -- then you have to open a Salesforce Support Ticket and request to activate the feature "Content Deliveries & Enabling Content Delivery Setup".

For instructions on making this request to Salesforce Support - see this Article:


Once you have this feature enabled and set up - its super easy to upload files and get URLs you can use to make those documents accessible from your publkic site.

When you create a page of content in the CMS, select the text you wish to link to a document, and click on the 'link" icon:

A popup window will allow you to Upload a document, OR you can click on "Browse Server" where you can select an existing file you've already uploaded.

When you upload the document, the URL of the file, now stored on the server will be shown.  Click "OK" and the link will automatically be created to your selected text.

Note:  Your linked file will be downloaded when the link is clicked on.  It will not be visible as a document in the browser as a chatter file would be in Method 1.

If you wish to link a document to an opportunity description, you'll first have to upload the file in the CMS, and then copy the URL to it, and then use that to link to content in the opportunity detail.


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