Accessing the CMS

Your HandsOn Connect public site, and some of the content in the Sharing Portal are customizable from the Content Management System (CMS).  You use the CMS to create site navigation and to edit or create pages of content,

This article gives you a general introduction to working with the CMS.

To access the CMS, click on the CMS Tab in Salesforce.

In Classic:

To start, click on the CMS Tab on the menu bar.

In Lightning:

Only users with System Administrator Profile will have access to the CMS tab and be able to launch the CMS.  If other SF users (those with profile Staff for example), need permission to access the CMS -- add the permission set "HOC CMS" to their user record.  That will give them access to open the CMS via the CMS tab.

Whenever a Salesforce user accesses the CMS for the first time from Salesforce, a contact record with their name and Salesforce username will be created if such a contact does not already exist.

Do not delete or merge this contact as its required to exist in your data in order to be able to access the CMS.

The CMS opens in a new tab in your browser

The CMS will open in a new tab in your browser (so that you can work in the CMS and still have access to the back end of Salesforce at the same time.  

The first time you click on the CMS tab you may not see the new tab appear.  If that's the case, your browser will be giving you a warning if you have 'block pop-ups' set as a browser default. If so, you'll need to grant your browser permission to allow popups for this website.  

The warnings show up differently depending on the browser your are using

How the warning appears on Firefox:

Click on the warning icon, to access the permissions.

Set the permission to "Allow"

How the warning appears in Chrome:

Click "Always allow pop-ups" for your salesforce site.

Once you've allowed pop-ups the first time.  Then click on the CMS tab again.  This time a new tab will open with your public site displayed, and the CMS menu items revealed.


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