Adding linked files (Chatter Files)

Using Chatter to share and view files

Chatter has made using Salesforce easier in many, many ways. Instead of saving documents as salesforce 'documents' - and having to remember arcane steps to link those documents for download to the public site, Chatter makes it possible to upload files quickly, automates naming, and allows you to share the documents with users, groups, or anyone with a public link. The public link can be used to make documents available to view and/or download from the HandsOn Connect public site!

This makes it possible to even view Microsoft Word documents via the public site!

To start, click on the  Chater Tab on the menu bar.

"If you do not see the Chater tab, try clicking on the arrow to the right of the + sign (where some tabs are hidden when browser is not wide enough), OR you can add the tab yourself by clicking on the + icon and adding it to your page layout"

Go to Chatter / Files and upload or drag and drop files you wish to share:

You can either upload files individually, or drag and drop multiple files all at once! This easily adds files to your collection of shareable files.

Set the Sharing for each File:

Click on the drop down arrow next to a file's name, and you can set the sharing options for the document, determining who can see and share your document.

To make a document available via the public site, you are going to choose Share via link.

This will give you a secure URL that you can use as a link to the document on the public website. Copy it to your clipboard.

You'll see the sharing that you've enabled in the Sharing settings for this file.

Click Close

Use the URL as a link for the document using the CMS.

Paste the link into the URL field, and (if desired), set the target to open the link in a new window or tab.

Links appear on the public site - and when clicked - open up in a chatter 'viewer'

The document as viewed via the public site

The link (which can also be emailed to anyone), opens a secure Chatter Page, and makes it possible to view pdfs, Microsoft Words Docs, or a variety of different document types right in your browser. People can download the original file by clicking on the download link in the left corner!

Controls on the bottom allow you to view one page at a time, and zoom the document as needed to see it clearly.


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