Social Networks Block

The Social Network Block is one of the simplest to use.  It facilitates adding icons linked to social media accounts to your HOC public site:

All you need to do is add your social media URLs for the social media accounts you use, such as:

  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

To use the Social Media Block use the form below.  Here are some of the parameters you can set:

  1. Name:  The internal name by which you want your block to be called
  2. Region: Where do you want the block displayed?
  3. Title:  The title of the block that you can make visible as part of the published block
  4. URLs:   URLs of each of your social media pages.
  5. Advanced Settings:  as in all blocks, do you want to display the title?  Enable the block to make it active,  what pages do you want to display the block on.

Alternative Method: Using the HTML Block

If you are comfortable with HTML and inline CSS, you can also use an HTML Block to add your Social Media icons and links.  This will give you more flexibility and customizability.


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