Opportunity Detail Page

The Opportunity Detail Block allows you to control the display of a number of items in the occurrence portion of the opportunity detail page

1. You can choose to hide the display of the Opportunity Leader

2. You can choose to hide the envelope icon and the ability to email the opportunity leader.

3. You can change the text "Click here to email this contact"

4. The html text that appears can be edited.  (Different text is used by default for each opportunity type)

5.  The Sign Up button can be changed to a link instead of a button, The terms "Sign Up" and "Express Interest" can be changed if desired.

6.  The Sign up (or express interest) with a team link can be changed to a button, and the text can be changed if desired.

As well as if you want to display these as button or link.

To get the to the Opportunity Detail Block, navigate to any on your Opportunity Detail pages (or in the CMS go toBlocks > System Forms > Opportunity detail page) and click on the edit icon on the top right of the opportunity detail page section.

The block screen is shown below.  (If a field is left blank - the HOC default values are shown)

Leave the fields blank for the HandsOn Connect defaults. They will automatically populate on the site with the default text.

Before changing the labels and/or the Description Messages - be sure to look at the defaults so you know the recommended messaging associated with each Opportunity Type.

Also, be aware that if you rename "Sign Up" and "Express Interest" you'll probably want to update success pages and email templates to match your new terminology so people won't be confused by buttons that say one thing on the public site - and email templates and success pages using the original terminology "Thanks for expressing interest" or "Thanks for Signing Up".  


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