Using Filters with Listing CMS Blocks

Listing CMS Blocks is an advanced feature that allows you to compile data from Content Pages or Salesforce views and display the information in various different formats. For more information about Listing CMS Blocks refer to our Listing CMS Block article.


Filters can be used when Salesforce Views is selected as the source. Select the Salesforce Object that you want to get data from and then select the desired Listview.

Now that you have your listview selected, the data shown can be filtered by a specific value or a token. In the Field drop-down select which field that you want the Listing Block to filter on. In the example below, Volunteer Opportunities will be filtered by the Managing Organization ID of the current Contact's Account.

Based on the two images above, this means the list of private opportunities will be filtered and the Listing Block will only show opportunities that are managed by an organization that the current contact is associated with. Using filters is a great way to control what records are shown to contacts. Additionally, you can use Filter Logic to create a more customized filter.

Tip: There are a few token examples provided in the help text below the Filters section that will help filter the Listing Block like: s:currentUserID and s:currentAccountID. If you don't have the appropriate ID field included in your list view you may have to create a custom Formula Text Field to include the correct ID field in your listview. We recommend using the CASESAFEID Function to get the 18 digit ID.