URL Redirects (Friendly URLs)

URL Redirects make it possible to use a friendly URL (such as a relative URL like  /knitting to automatically go to a more complex and hard to remember URL like  https://hoc9015.my.salesforce.com/sfc/p/1N000001BS6x/a/3m000000Vr5i/A3OOjTEWowfqMphZxjMw7Imy55szFUI1ie6mcWfF_W0

Here's how to create a URL redirect in the CMS:

Select URL Redirects from the AddOns menu


Click on Create New URL


Put in the details of your redirect:

From Url:  the friendly URL you wish to create.   It should be a relative URL since it will be only work when someone is on your HandsOn Connect site.    (A relative URL is one where you don't have to put in the https://volunteer.troutco.com if that's your site URL.  

To URL: This is the URL you wish to redirect to.  If the URL is on your public site or sharing portal, just use a relative URL.  If the URL is to an external site outside your CMS., then put the full URL including https://     (For example if you were putting in the URL of a file coming from your Salesforce instance, or another website outside your CMS).

Type:  Choose either Permanent (301 Redirect) or Temporary (302 Redirect).  
These determine how search engines handle this.  Use Permanent if this will always be in place.  Use Temporary if you only plan to redirect for a while and eventually want the original URL to be accessed and no longer redirected.

Active:  Check this box to make the URL live and active.  Uncheck to stop redirection.

Click SAVE when finished.  



The From URL does NOT have to be an existing page on your site.  You can choose anything you like as your friendly (from) URL.    It can however be an existing page in the CMS that you no longer wish people to access.

A List of all your URL redirects will be shown, and can be searched


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