Enabling Cabot's Reward Volunteer Program and Resources

HandsOn Connect is excited to be partnering with Cabot Creamery to make it easy for your volunteers to opt-in for the Reward Volunteers Program to earn prizes and CASH for your organization!


HandsOn Connect securely shares a contact's volunteer history when they opt-in to the Cabot's Reward Volunteers program either through the volunteer registration or the personal information page.

The information shared with Cabot's Reward Program is the contact's name and email address and the Volunteer Opportunity Name, Organization Served, Connection Date & Time, Hours Served, Status and Attendance Status.  If you are a volunteer center, your organization is also shared as the source of the contact cause you would also be eligible for cash prizes as well as the partner organization that was served.  


How to Enable Cabot's Volunteer Rewards Program

Enabling the functionality is really easy and takes less than 5 minutes!

  1. Go to your CMS
  2. Navigate to Blocks -> System Forms  -> Volunteer Form
  3. Click on the edit for the form
  4. Scroll to the Rewards and Recognition Section and toggle the Cabot's Reward Volunteer Program to "Yes" for Visible
  5. Click Save

    Repeat for the Personal Information form.

    It's that easy!

New Rewards Page

As part of this new feature we have added a Reward and Recognition page (.../rewards) to your CMS.  This page provides volunteers information about the Cabot's Reward Volunteers program (and hopefully new programs will be added soon).  

You are able to edit this page to add your own messaging, but we encourage you to not remove the description, logo and links provided by Cabot's so that your volunteers are informed about the great opportunities available.

Tell Your Volunteers to Join!

Educate your volunteers about this new program and encourage them to opt-in.  You should direct existing volunteers to update their personal information to join the program and make sure that new volunteers understand the benefits of joining from the start.

To support you with this, Cabot and HandsOn Connect has provided you some language that can be used in Emails and Newsletters to your volunteers along with graphics that you can add to these and your webiste!

Sample email and summary text can be found here.  Logo and Badge graphics attached below.

Checkout Reward Volunteers' Resources

Cabot's Reward Volunteers program has a toolkit with images and sampel content that you can use to encourage volunteers to opt-in for the syncing of their HandsOn Connect account to Reward Volunteers.

Reward Volunteers Toolkit

How do Volunteers and Organizations Win?

Volunteers and Organizations are selected based on the number of hours served.  The more hours the higher the chances of winning.

Volunteers are eligible based on the total number of hours served in a given month.

Organizations are eligible based on the number of volunteers they engage in a given month.

So make sure your volunteers are reporting hours and that you and your partner organizations are verifying them in HandsOn Connect.  Zero hours means zero chances of winning so get those hours verified and win!

Want to Learn More? Check Out This Connect Exchange Video!

Note:  On the back end of the system, participation in the rewards program will be tracked in the field "Communication Preferences" in the Contact record.   This will allow you to administratively opt someone in or out of the program, as well as report on how many volunteers are actively pargicipating in the program.


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