How to create a Business Page

There is a special functionality on the site designed to provide an ease of use feature for Corporate Partners who have 'private opportunities' that require an invitation code and don't appear on the public site through the normal calendar or search.

The CMS can automatically create and publish pages that combine an organization's "Business Description" with a Search box requiring just a company's invitation code for their private opportunities.

When an employee or guest enters the invitation code, this page is refreshed with a listing of the company's private opportunities.

Note: If a volunteer is logged in, and they are associated with that organization (instead of the default 'individual" organization - they will not need to enter an invitation code. The search results will automatically appear for any volunteer associated with that organization.

Let's create a business page!

In the CMS, go to Content, choose pages and click on New Page

Next click on New Page and add your desired page content


Next check the box next the Corporate Page field and it will expose the Salesforce organization ID.

Get the organization ID of the organization

Go to Salesforce and open the Organization record of the company related to your Corporate Page.  The easiest place to find the Salesforce organization (account) ID is to copy it from the URL, for example:

Salesforce Lightning:

Salesforce Classic:

Also, in the organization's Salesforce record, make sure that you set an Invitation Code.

Configuring Volunteer Opportunities

To associate a Volunteer Opportunity with a Corporate page, go to your volunteer opportunity select the related Organization in the Requires Invitation From field:

Please note that if some of the fields indicated in this article are not available, it may be that they have not been added to page layout you are using.


Melissa Hill Dees

Do you also have to create a menu item for this page?

Larry Deckel

If you want the page to be easily found, then yes, you do need to create a menu item pointing to pages for your corporate partners. On the other hand, if you don't want the page accessible to others, you could just send the URL to the page to your partner directly.
I think its good practice though to have navigation to 'corporate signup pages', and a submenu to each individual company's special page. That way other company's know that this is a feature you can provide to their employees.

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